About the cast:

Mok Chiu Yu 莫昭如 (also Screenwriter/Executive Producer) graduated from the University of Adelaide with a degree in Economics and while in Australia was active in various political causes, including aboriginal rights and opposition to the Vietnam War. Returning to Hong Kong in the '70s, he co-founded "70s Biweekly," an anti-establishment publication, with Wu Zhong Xian, a friend that he commemorates in the play on which this DV film is based. Mok has since been a social activist and supporter of the democracy movements in China. He is a founding member of the People's Theatre and the Asian People's Theatre Festival Society, two Hong Kong groups with which he performed and co-produced many plays, including "The Big Wind, 大風吹" "Yours Most Obediently 亞培之旅" and "Macau Um Dois Tres. 澳門故事一二三"

Mok's projects have toured South & South East Asia, Kenya, Portugal, England, and Taiwan. In 1989/1990, he visited the US as a grantee of the Asian Cultural Council. He was the dramaturg for the San Francisco Mime Troupe's "Offshore" in 1993 and a puppeteer for the Bread & Puppet Theatre in Vermont and the Los Angeles Arts Festival in 1990. Mok has produced many plays involving artists with disabilities and is currently Executive Secretary of Hong Kong's Arts with the Disabled Association. He is also editor of "The Revolution is Dead; Long Live the Revolution" and "Voices From Tiananmen Square," published by Montreal's Black Rose Books. As a film producer, Mok produced a documentary, "Black Bird, A Living Song" (1987) and a docudrama "Cheers" (1999).

Mok was presented with the Achievement Award for Drama by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 1999.

Lindzay Chan 陳令智 won Best Actress awards at both the Taiwan Golden Horse and the Portugal Sintra Film festivals for her appearance in Evans Chan's "To Liv(e) 浮世戀曲 " (1992). Her other screen credits include "Aces Go Places," (1982) Evans Chan's "Crossings" 錯愛(1995) and "The Map of Sex and Love "情色地圖 (2001) as well as Allan Fong's "Dancing Bulls舞牛 "(1990). A former principal dancer of the Hong Kong Ballet and the TV host of a program for children, Chan has turned to stage acting in recent years by employing her bilingual fluency in English and Chinese. Her theatre credits include Johnny To's "Three Chinese Women" and the English production of "Between Life and Death 生死界 ," a play by the Chinese Nobel-prize winning author Gao XinJiang 高行健. She is also a cabaret performer.

About the filmmakers:

Evans Yiu Shing Chan陳耀成 (Screenwriter/Director/Editor): See Director's bio.

The film credits of O Sing Pui 柯星沛 (Director of Photography) include the omnibus film "Heroes in Love," (2001) Fruit Chan's "Made in Hong Kong" (1998) and "Hollywood, Hong Kong" (2002) as well as Evans Chan's "The Map of Sex and Love," Hong Kong's first digital film. Also a director himself, he has made the narrative feature "Golden Swallow," (1989) and video works including "The Song of the Earth" (1998) and "Red -- My Memory" (1999).

John Huie (Composer) burst onto the Australian music scene by working on commissions from the Australia Opera and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, his alma mater. Among the film scores he wrote for Film Australia was the soundtrack for Susan Baker's Oscar-winning documentary "Leisure" (1981). Since moving to Hong Kong in 1992, he has been in great demand as a composer of commericals, and has worked on choral music for children. He was the film composer for Golden Harvest's "The Fight Back to School" (I & II) and many TVB Pearl documentaries. His theatre credits include Chung Ying Theatre's "Dragon Island." His music for "The Life & Times of Wu Zhong Xian" was taken from "The Honourable Retreat," a work first presented as part of the "1997 Handover Concert Series," at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, where "Wu Zhong Xian (originally titled The Story of Ng Chung Yin)," the play, received its world premiere two weeks prior to the Sino-British Handover of Hong Kong on July 1, 1997.

The film credits of Gill Wong 黃知敏 (Production Designer), a former art director and designer at Sony Music in New York City after graduation from the School of Visual Art, include Bryan Cheung's "After the Crescent " (1998) and "Among the Stars" (2000), Yau Ching's "Ho Yuk -- Let's Love Hong Kong" (2002), Evans Chan's "The Map of Sex and Love情色地圖" (2001) and "Bauhinia紫荊" (2002), as well as Jacob Cheung's "Midnight Fly," for which she received a Taiwan Golden Horse nomination in 2001.

William Fung 馮君盂 (Costume and Image Designer for Lindzay Chan) embarked on his filmmaking career with Evans Chan's "Crossings錯愛" and has since worked on many Tsui Hark-directed and -produced movies, including the Jet Li-vehicle "Black Mask" I & II"Once Upon a Time in China & America," (1998) "Master Q 2001" (2001) as well as the "Zu Warriors" prequel, for which he was named the Best Costume Designer at the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards in 2001.

Founded in 1992, the Asian People's Theatre Festival Society 亞洲民眾戲劇節協會(Executive Producer) was a Hong Kong-based people's theatre collective as well as a loose network of people's theatre activists in different parts of Asia, which, so far, include Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. Its mission is to promote people's theatre and cultural exchanges among Asian people's theatre workers by presenting cross-cultural productions involving multi-national casts and multi-national tours, as well as presenting the ongoing Asian People's Theatre Festival.

Among its many productions which have toured successfully are "Big Wind," "Yours Most Obediently," and "Macau Um Dois Tres." Its publications include "Black Sky - Plays of Hong Kong - South Asia Encounters," " When the Big Wind Blows - Four Plays of Asian People's Theatre," and "Fluid Sculpture - The Playback Story in Hong Kong."

The Society has also played a pioneering role in Hong Kong to promote educational theatre, community theatre, and activist art performances. Its members facilitate many workshops that utilize different methodologies -- such as Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, Basic Integrated Theatre Arts -- with a goal to vest the means of theatre production by working with the oppressed and minority groups who can in turn make their own voices heard via their cultural engagement and production.

Assistant Director: Nicholas Sun
Production Manager: Dick Ka Chun Tse
Photos and Graphics: Alice Liu
Post-production Adviser: Tad Doyle