About the cast:

Bernardo Chow/周文淇 (Wei Ming/韋明) played the role of pop star Leon Lai's brother in the popular Hong Kong TV series "Good Morning Sir" during the late 80's. Recently he appeared in Alex Lai's "Blue August" (24th Hong Kong International Film Festival).

Cherie Ho/何珮頤 (Mimi) has impressed directors, including Ann Hui, for her winning performance in Bryan Cheung's "After the Crescent" (22nd HKIFF). "The Map of Sex and Love" is her second feature.

Victor Ma/馬才和 (Larry), choreographer and dancer, is a former member of the Hong Kong Ballet. He has toured America and Europe with the dance group Y-Space, which he co-founded with his wife Mandy Yim. "The Map of Sex and Love" is his acting debut.


About the filmmakers:

The film credits of O Sing Pui/柯星沛 (Director of Photography) include Fruit Chan's "Made in Hong Kong" and recently the omnibus film "Heroes in Love." Also a director himself, he has made the narrative feature "Golden Swallow," (1989) and video works including "The Song of the Earth" (1998) and "Red -- My Memory" (1999).

William Fung /馮君盂 (costume and image designer) embarked on his filmmaking career with Evans Chan's "Crossings" and has since worked on many Tsui Hark-directed and -produced movies, including "Black Mask," "Once Upon a Time in China & America," "Master Q 2001," and currently "Black Mask II" as well as the "Zu Warriors" prequel.

The film credits of Gill Wong/黃知敏 (production designer), a former art director and designer at Sony Music in New York City after graduation from the School of Visual Art, include Bryan Cheung's "After the Crescent" (1998) and Yau Ching's forthcoming "Unchanged."

Garret Sokoloff, who co-edited The Map of Sex and Love with Evans Chan, is a free-lance videographer and editor.