Soundtrack of Journey to Beijing

The Journey to Beijing soundtrack, now available on CD, features toy piano music, Jewish hymns, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Mao-worship revolutionary songs in disco remix. Threaded through the soundtrack are "New Classicism" works by Serbian-American composer Milos Raickoich -- notably DREAM QUARTET, performed by Ensemble Musica da Camera. Belgrade-born Raickovich was a student of Messiaen and David Del Tredici. He taught a year in Hiroshima, formed his own ensemble in Belgrade, and served as a conductor at the Belgrade Opera and Ballet Theatre. L.A. Times music critic Mark Swed described Raickovich's "New Classicism" style as a "unique post-modern response to both Minimalism and multiculturalism... under Schubert, Haydn or Rossini, lie Eastern European folk music, Minimalism, Messiaen, and deeper still the Pacific Rim and its cultures." Check Raickovich's home page at

Other Raickovich compositions include PRELUDE, performed on two toy pianos by Margaret Leng Tan -- "the diva of the avant-garde" (The New Yorker), whose Polygram release THE ART OF THE TOY PIANO is currently on the best-selling cross-over classical music chart in the US -- and HAPPY OVERTURE, played by the Mosow Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Raickovich himself. More of Raickovich's works can be heard on "Milos Raickovich: New Classicism."(Mode Records, P.O.Box 1026, New York, N.Y. 10116, Tel & Fax: 212 979 1027, Website:

Also featured in the soundtrack is the song HONG KONG BLUES (lyrics by Chin Woon Ping, Duncan Holaday, Shen Hong, and Tan Kai Kim; music by Duncan Holaday), a refreshingly sharp and sophisticated folk rock number laced with Canton-pop and Mandarin-rap. It is performed by The Voice of Reason, a multicultural folk rock group formed by 4 Singapore academics:Chin Woo Ping, cutting-edge poet, performance artist and playwright; Duncan Holaday, Amercian ethnographic filmmaker and veteran of the 60's rock band "Uranus and the Five Moons"; Tan Lai Kim, Johor-born and Boston-based journalist; and Shen Tong, former DJ from Nanjing. HONG HONG BLUES is taken from the group's solo CD, "The Voice of Reason: Live & Raw" (Scratch & Bite Records, Fax: 802 748 1327,

Other music excerpts include the remarkable ethnic reeds and drums taped by the Journey film crew in various parts of China. The hakka folk tune is sung by David Cheung, team leader of the Hong Kong to Beijing Walk campaign. The Jewish hymns, UFROS ALENIN, SIM SHALOM, HAYOM T 'AMTZAYNU, are sung by Broadway performer and cantorial soloist Carolyn Goor Hutchinson. The medley of revolutionary Mao-worship tunes, performed by anonymous artists in contemporary remix, comes from a private collector in Shaoxiang, Mao's birthplace turned theme park.

The Journey to Beijing soundtrack, co-produced by City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) and Riverdrive Productions Ltd., can be ordered at or All proceeds from the sales of the CD will go to CCDC's China Program -- an initiative to bring dance education to universities in Guanzhou, Wuhan and Beijing.