"Journey to Beijing, a remarkable feature-length documentary by critic and film-maker Evans Chan, offers the all-round best account of the issues surrounding the hand-over of Hong Kong to China on 1 July 1997. It also provides the best corrective to the self-important and seriously off-beam international media coverage around at the time....a humane and grounded spot sample of attitudes on Hong Kong's far from mean the same ball-park....[as] a Chris Marker film." --- Sight & Sound (July '98)

"The depth and scope, as well as the vivacious style of Evans Chan's Journey to Beijing makes it a masterwork about Hong Kong's decolonization. While China or pro-China media has a penchant for trumpeting the changeover as a glorious vindication of national pride, the Western media is into Doom-preaching, fixated on the rollback in democracy, freedom and human rights. Journey to Beijing moves across the whole spectrum, depicting the conflict and friendly exchange between the two cultures. The result is a thoughtful and encompassing portrait that has surpassed all existing documentaries about the historical event."
--- Lee Yee, Apple Daily (Hong Kong, April 7, '98)

"Improbably but spectacularly, Evans Chan succeeds in cutting through all the evasions and half-truths of the full-on media coverage to produce a thorough, clear-sighted and ever-so-slightly provocative account of the issues surrounding Hong Kong's reversion to Chinese sovereignty. Journey to Beijing is sensitive to everything from concerns for the preservation of gay rights in "liberal" Hong Kong to the way that newly rich China puts "face" before substance. It cuts to the heart of Hong Kong's conflicting feelings about its future as no other film or essay has done before." --- Tony Rayns (British film critic)

"....a visionary historic documentary....What impresses us most is not the hardship endured by the charitable Hong-Kong-to-Beijing Walkers, but the excursus of interviews with people who reflect on the British colony's reunification with China. And we come to appreciate not only how they enter points into the balance sheet of Reunification but also the way Chinese culture and politics shape individual consciousness. This documentary is deeply thoughtful, intellectual, and full of tears and hot blood." --- William Cheung, Hong Kong Film Critics Society website

"...a meditation on what it means to live under the new one nation, two systems regime. Director Evans Chan selects interview subjects whose views are notably heterodox. Many of their comments are extremely moving. This documentary is worth seeing for its memorable vignettes." --- The Georgia Strait, (Vancouver, Oct 1, '98)

Journey to Beijing,* along with an interview with Evans Chan, was featured on the 3 July 1998 edition of CNN's "Inside Asia."

Festival showings: 99' Berlin International Film Festival (A "Forum" selection)
98' Hawaii Film Festival (Best Documentary Norminee)
98' Vancouver, London, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Calcutta filmfestivals