Crossings 【 錯 愛 】

"Inspired by an interracial murder in a New York City subway station during the mid-80's, this unique merging of HK cinema and New York independent film is a worthy follow-up to director Evans Chan's justly celebrated debut...Instead of following the wishes of her parents and flying to Toronto, Mo-yung (Anita Yuen) journeys instead to NYC, in hope of finding Benny (Simon Yam), a mysterious photographer who has attracted her. There, she meets Rubie, a sympathetic clinic worker who helps her to settle in the city...However, both women's lives are destined to be shattered by the actions of Joey (Ted Brunetti), a dangerously violent and schizophrenic teacher, who has stopped taking his medication and is now stalking Rubie...Yuen is superb, making the most of a rare chance to display the full range of her talents, and Lindzay Chan gives a genuine, touching performance, projecting very real intelligence and compassion. The drama is further aided by Kung Chi Shing's moody and varied soundtrack..."

--- John Charles, Video Watchdog

Mo-yung (Anita Yuen Wing Yee) and
Benny (Simon Yam Tat Wah) in Crossings

"...provides a complex picture of the global Chinese as the narrative explores a series of 'crossings' from Hong Kong to New York, from innocence to corruption, from sanity to madness, and from life to death. Chan's evocation of lives 'in-between' cultures, genders, classes, and nations places it among the most ambitious meditations on contemporary Hong Kong to be produced to date."

--- Gina Marchetti, author of
Romance & the "Yellow Peril"

Rubie (Lindzay Chan) and

Mo-yung (Anita Yuen) in Crossings

photo by Simon Yam
who plays Benny

" unusual meandering into the strange East-West (Hong Kong-New York) relations."

--- Max Tessier, Cinemaya


"...moving performances from the three top-ranked stars: Anita Yuen, Lindzay Chan, and Simon
Yam, and effective filmmaking by Evans Chan"

--- Bill Connolly, Martial Arts Movie Associates