Troubled Romance at the Edge of Ground Zero…
A tale from 9/11-devastated New York…

Bauhinia 紫荊: Synopsis

Set in the environs of Ground Zero, New York, the site of the September 11 World Trade Center devastation, Bauhinia is a subtly powerful story of a woman's search for love, motherhood and artistic fulfillment. Naming herself after the city flower of Hong Kong, Bauhinia (Jun Li李珺) is an expatriate film student living in New York. She has been making a documentary about China's tough birth control policies. Shortly after 9/11, Bauhinia discovers that she is pregnant. While she is considering an abortion, her live-in boyfriend, Jack (Shing Ka賈勝), proposes. Then Jack suddenly leaves town because of a family crisis. Alone in post-9/11 New York, with her editing room window overlooking the still smoldering WTC site, Bauhinia is haunted by thoughts of the struggling new life within her, by footage she filmed that declaims the horror of abortions, by the threat of anthrax, and by her troubled romance……Blending fact and fiction, Bauhinia is a memorial to an unsettling time and place that is too recent for comfort.

50 min. (director's cut)/Color/DV/2002
Writer/Director編導:Evans Chan陳耀成
Cast: Jun Li李珺, Shing Ka賈勝, Yi-Ling Li李依凌, Elizabeth Summerlin, Gill Wong黃知敏, Chan Ping Chiu陳炳釗
Producer監製: Stella Sze施潔玲
Associate producers執行監製: Willy Tsao曹誠淵, Russell Freedman,
Riverdrive Productions Ltd. 逾流製作社有限公司
Director of Photography攝影: Mai Iskander
Music作曲: Milos Raickovich
Pianist 鋼琴演奏:Nancy Loo 羅乃新
Production Designer美術指導: Gill Wong黃知敏
Editor剪接: Garret Sokoloff
An RTHK production香港電台電視部製作

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